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Keeping hires engaged with Personably

Personably now includes a welcome dashboard for the new hire to stay on track with their onboarding! Here we’ll explain how the welcome dashboard can help teams keep new hires engaged, and where we’ll be taking it next 👩‍💻

Avoiding radio silence 😶

Receiving an offer for a new job is a super exciting time! The new hire has gone through the interview process, they’ve heard your mission, and now they’re ready to join the rocket ship 🚀

However, there are often long notice periods to serve or university degrees to finish. The Talent team move on to filling new roles and the People team are busy handling the current batch of new starters.

When you’re hiring at scale, that period after a contract is signed can be followed by radio silence. In that time new hires might start reconsidering their new role, questioning if they’ve made the right choice or wondering how they can get prepared. It’s important to keep the new hire engaged and maintain that level of excitement until their first day and beyond!

Keeping new hires engaged ✨

Today we’re releasing a dashboard for the new hire to access from the moment they're hired.

Within the tasks section of Personably, you can set-up an automated template to invite new hires to their welcome dashboard. We’ll automatically send the invite to the hire’s personal email address as soon as their invite is due.

When the hire receives the invite, they’ll have a magic link to follow. The link will log them into their dashboard, just like how a newcomer would be invited to Slack. Within the dashboard, hires can see the onboarding sessions assigned for their role, giving them a glimpse into everything they’ll be learning in their first few weeks and months!

Teams can assign to-do that will appear within the welcome dashboard. These to-dos can be shared across different roles or be unique to specific ones.

The new hire can continue to use their dashboard once their first day comes. We’ll switch the login over from their personal email to their new work email address. Once their sessions have been scheduled they’ll see the exact time and rooms these are due to happen. The dashboard works great on mobile, so the hire can use it as the agenda for their first few weeks.

Where do we go next?

The relationship between a team and an employee begins long before their first day. At Personably, we believe that teams need to keep a new hire engaged through their notice period, their onboarding and beyond. There’s much more to come from the welcome dashboard, including showing hires all the docs they’ll need and letting them view profiles for the people in their team. Beyond this, we’re thinking about how we can help hires prepare for the end of their probation period and their first 360 review.

With Personably, we’re building a product that’s with hires from the moment an offer is made. By keeping the new hire engaged from the start, they’ll be happier and more productive come their first day.