What are we posting about?

We’re going to write about things when we have something different to say. If what we want to say has already been written well by someone else, we’ll link to it. If there’s something we were looking for that didn’t exist yet or was poorly executed we’ll make the research we did on that public.

The number of times we’ve been saved by finding a random blog on Google has shown us how useful that is. Reading things written by a person who has just done the thing you’re looking to do is normally the most useful advice.

This started as a doc figuring out what would be most useful to write about but I love the transparency of companies like Monzo (one of our customers) and Basecamp so I wanted to make it public.

So here’s our plan. We want to cover three types of post:

  • Onboarding & Customer Stories
    We’ve met so many awesome people teams and feel lucky to count some of the best among our earliest customers. They’re also always looking for ways to improve (part of what makes them so great). We want to provide useful and actionable ideas for those teams as well as companies that are just starting to make their first hires and looking to learn.

  • Tech posts
    Covering things like what’s our tech stack, why it’s that and how and why things have changed. We’re using the Google APIs for a lot of our features and they’re so badly documented. We wanted to write up the things that we got stuck on and only figured out after hours of trial and error.

  • Start-up posts
    We’ve learnt things over the past few months that we’re going to forget the experience of in the next few. This will be anything from guides we wished we had on the admin that comes with starting a company to the other things that people aren’t transparent about - asking for money from customers, traction, funding etc.

And some new feature announcements thrown in too. If there's anything you think we should write about say hi! (hello@personably.co)